Ultimate Universal Zipper Fixers™

Our universal Zipper Fixers™ work on almost any common zipper mishaps, such as split zipper tracks, broken sliders, and up to three missing zipper teeth. The ability to fix your own gear with ease and without an expensive trip to the tailor is a true life saver, especially when you're traveling. Use it on pants, jackets, bags, shoes, luggage, tents or anything else that has a zipper!

  • Extremely simple to install
  • Removable and reusable
  • Fixes any zipper instantly 

The package includes 6 exclusive zipper sliders in 3 sizes. Made of toxic free highly durable plastic and practical stainless steel. LIMITED EDITION and not available in stores. Get yours today with 50% for 6 Zipper Fixers™!

Size Guide

Bra Size Guide

To ensure that you get the right size of your bra, we highly recommend that you check out our size guide.
Remember that our size guide is only a suggestion, all breasts are individual.

Bra Size Guide

Suitable for Cup Sizes
70A 75A 70B 75B 70C 75C 70D 75D
80A 85A 80B 85B 80C 85C 80D 85D


SE/DK/NO/FI size guide

Your size is:
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70-80A, 65B A - cup
70-80B, 65C B - cup
70-80C, 65D C - cup
70-80D, 65E D - cup
70-80E, 65F E - cup


US/UK size guide

Your size is:
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32-36A, 30B A - cup
32-36B, 30C B - cup
32-36C, 30D C - cup
32-36D, 30DD D - cup
32-36DD, 30F E - cup


FR/ES size guide

Your size is:
Buy size:
85-95A, 80B A - cup
85-95B, 80C B - cup
85-95C, 80D C - cup
85-95D, 80E D - cup
85-95E, 80F E - cup