Pixie Dust Unicorn Rainbow Brush [3 Variants]

A dainty beauty that arises from Tomorrowland where unicorns gallop over the lush rainbows of candies and lollipops, this premium collection entice the eyes with its lavish cast of brilliance. LIMITED EDITION and not available in stores.

  • Measures 17.5cm in length, rainbow bristle with unicorn handle
  • Ultra-soft supreme brush heads
  • Smooth versatile to work with wet and dry cosmetic

The package includes a set of exclusive 10 professional make-up brushes, the best in the business for highlighting and enhancing your features. Contour your cheekbones with a radiant finish and flatter your brow bone with a soft glaze.

Flaunt a flawless look with this plush makeup brushes and captivate your mystical unicorn. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! 

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70-80A, 65B A - cup
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32-36DD, 30F E - cup


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85-95A, 80B A - cup
85-95B, 80C B - cup
85-95C, 80D C - cup
85-95D, 80E D - cup
85-95E, 80F E - cup