No Tie Elastic Shoe Lace [Set of 10]

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Never tie laces and make your shoes look fit and better with our newest No Tie Elastic Shoe Lace! Convenient, easy, and time-saving, these alternative shoe laces is made from high-quality silicone designed in different colors which you can mix and match patterns, and fit to your own style. The laces are very elastic, secure, and comfortable making your shoes fit better. Never trip again while walking, running, or playing sports due to untied shoe laces with this tie-free shoe lace that is guaranteed to be easier and quicker to use than the traditional ones.

  • Size: 2.3" or 6cm
  • Eco-friendly Silicon
  • Strong elasticity
  • Lazy Hammer type
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Resilient and durable
  • Suits to All kind of Shoes

How to Use. 1) Put the lace tip into the eyelet. 2) Pull the lace tip from the other side. 3) Repeat the same process for the opposite side. 4) Make lace even. 5) Repeat steps until all laces are placed.

Style your lace and make different patterns however you want. No more messy knots and bows! Combine comfort, convenience, and style with this revolutionary No Tie Elastic Shoe Lace!

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