4D Cleanser Face Brush

Want a no-effort, deep cleaning facial regimen? Our 4D Cleanser Face Brush will give you that and more! A high technology Four-Dimensional (4D) face cleansing brush. it cleanses the face deeply into the pores, perfect for removing waterproof makeup residue sebum on pores and gently exfoliates skin. It can reach even the smallest points at any angle of the face. The 4d face cleanser head brush rotates 15 degrees in opposite direction. It has a multi-tasking capacity to massage and cleanse face at the same time.

  • Have 90,000 super fine bristles that gently rotates on the skin's pores 
  • Vibrates 6000 times per minute for relaxing and firms face muscle 
  • Comes in puff and brush head with a transparent head cover
  • Includes a bottom stand to dry out the device after using

The product weighs 443 g, a lightweight device with a comfortable grip for cleaning the face. Pamper yourself using this 4d face cleansing device before bedtime! You can also start your day with a squeaky clean face! For baby soft skin, use twice a day! Rid your face of wrinkles and the day's dirt and grime with our 4D Cleanser Face Brush!


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Bra Size Guide

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Bra Size Guide

Suitable for Cup Sizes
70A 75A 70B 75B 70C 75C 70D 75D
80A 85A 80B 85B 80C 85C 80D 85D


SE/DK/NO/FI size guide

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70-80A, 65B A - cup
70-80B, 65C B - cup
70-80C, 65D C - cup
70-80D, 65E D - cup
70-80E, 65F E - cup


US/UK size guide

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32-36A, 30B A - cup
32-36B, 30C B - cup
32-36C, 30D C - cup
32-36D, 30DD D - cup
32-36DD, 30F E - cup


FR/ES size guide

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85-95A, 80B A - cup
85-95B, 80C B - cup
85-95C, 80D C - cup
85-95D, 80E D - cup
85-95E, 80F E - cup