Our Story

Beautified Designs started as a natural habit for a group ofl friends, whom at a young age, learned about grooming and taking care of oneself to look more presentable.

Growing up as normal teens with average looks, they were not exempt to bullying directed to the physical appearance and for a while, it seemed to be a normal way of life for them. This lead them to try things out to improve physically because they all realized and believed, "You can't be depressed on negative physical remarks people tell you, you have to accept your flaws, turn that flaw into an ASSET, and prove them all wrong. All it takes is for you to know how to properly take care of yourself." 

In the beginning, some products failed and some attempts to follow picture-perfect tutorials online turned into major disasters. Eventually, they found some that awesomely transformed them which now makes them a perfect candidate for the "When Puberty Hits You" Challenge. They began curating a blog solely dedicated to sharing reviews on products and services that work, sharing tips and tutorials on grooming: from nails, makeup, skincare, hairstyles, and basically sharing everything they learned absolutely FREE.

At Beautified Designs, they aim to inspire men and women to love their hair, nails, makeup and themselves. With the right information and some inspiration, They are confident they can lead people to a beautiful beauty transformation. Unknown people make first impressions within the first 30 seconds of the encounter and they believe: “You will never have a second chance to make the first impression”. Certainly, life success is not just about looks, but putting on your best face gives people confidence and that will show.

Understanding that, they all have taken the career path in beauty. Today, the Beautified Designs team of professionals hair stylists, make-up artists, nail studios, personal stylists and fashion assistants have been actively collecting new inspiring trend and ideas to share with you for free.

Partnering with salons, stylists and beauty experts around the world, they showcase today’s latest looks, as well as provide expert advice on hair, nail and makeup care, products, tutorials, and tips. Here you will find the best vivid examples of vintage, classic and ultra-chic styles for all females around the world.
Sooner than they expected, they started to receive and an overwhelming amount of positive responses from their fast-growing community. One day, a community member shared, "Beautified Design is THE place for the best BEAUTY tips, and you always find the most effective products and easy-to-follow tutorials for us so I’m curious why are you guys not selling your own brand yet?" With that question, a new idea was born.  

What started as a hygienic habit quickly turned into a full-time quest to provide the best products that work. We now source our products from Italy, Mongolia, Nepal, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Tibet, China and the U.S., and we're constantly on the hunt to test more.

Since reading that community member's suggestion, we haven't looked back. We've already served over 1000+ happy customers, and together they've left hundreds of five-star reviews of our products. Every day we receive more appreciative emails from satisfied customers all over the world. We strive for outstanding customer service and product quality, and our goal is to make sure you always leave our site with a smile. We test and review every single product that we carry in our store, and if we wouldn't own it, we won't sell it. Our support team is here to help if you have any inquiries. If you'd like some style and beauty advice, or if you just want to say hi. We’re looking forward to bringing you products that will  TURN YOUR FLAW INTO AN ASSET!

If you would like to get in touch with one of our Stylists then send us a message via our Contact page or via our social media channels.
Size Guide

Bra Size Guide

To ensure that you get the right size of your bra, we highly recommend that you check out our size guide.
Remember that our size guide is only a suggestion, all breasts are individual.

Bra Size Guide

Suitable for Cup Sizes
70A 75A 70B 75B 70C 75C 70D 75D
80A 85A 80B 85B 80C 85C 80D 85D


SE/DK/NO/FI size guide

Your size is:
Buy size:
70-80A, 65B A - cup
70-80B, 65C B - cup
70-80C, 65D C - cup
70-80D, 65E D - cup
70-80E, 65F E - cup


US/UK size guide

Your size is:
Buy size:
32-36A, 30B A - cup
32-36B, 30C B - cup
32-36C, 30D C - cup
32-36D, 30DD D - cup
32-36DD, 30F E - cup


FR/ES size guide

Your size is:
Buy size:
85-95A, 80B A - cup
85-95B, 80C B - cup
85-95C, 80D C - cup
85-95D, 80E D - cup
85-95E, 80F E - cup